Experiencing Technical Difficulties

I just wanted you all to know I have not lost steam or hit any giant wall, I just have a fried motherboard on an aging computer that has made video editing and uploading a virtually impossible task. I’ve got the hardware being worked on and should be back with a few new videos soon.
What I will take a moment to share now is that the vidoes you have seen thus far have not been in real time. As one might suspect it isn’t without some trepidation that I put all this out there for you to see, so I was a little cautious and waited about a month before posting the initial videos to insure I would make some progress.
Now that I am on the path I have decided rather that post the videos I have in the can a week apart and staying about 6 weeks behind I would rather post everything I have up to this point and start blogging “live” in real time. So after the next round of videos goes up, everything after that wil be shot and posted the same day. That way we can have more meaning full dialogue about the experience. Thanks for hanging in there, I’ve got some good stuff on the way.


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