Good News! I’m Obese

Well I saw Dr. Lindquist today…it was a relief. I shot the video before I actually saw him so let me make a few clarifications in advance. 1st, the hunk of fat I hold up represents 5 lbs and To date I have lost 25.5 lbs and 4 points on my BMI score. With that I have moved from the ranks of the Morbidly Obsese to just plain Obese. I never thought I ‘d be happy about being Obese. Thank God for small victories. Oh…and my resemblence to the poster behind me, an unfortunate coincidence.


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  1. Eric – way to go! I’m stagnant, dropping more slowly but I am down to 180… only 10 more pounds and I am on a maintenance program!!!! Keep it up.


  2. Posted by Deboorah on January 10, 2011 at 8:03 pm

    Kepp up the GREAT work in dropping those pounds. I’m working on weight loss myself. I’m not in any program at this time. Any suggestions?


    • For starter keep checking in here. We’re all in this together. The program is the map but your will is the fuel and once you find the right path, one that you can stay on for the rest of your life , you’ll never have to worry about being on a diet ever again. If it feels like work , if it is hard, you may have some success but you won’t be able to stick to if forever. The hardest part is finding the path.


  3. Well done… It must have felt weird to put the words ‘good news and obese’ in the same sentence… I’m working on the same challenge myself, so it has been nice to see someone achieve it 🙂



    • The reality is I was shocked and mortified to find out that I was Morbidly Obese, so when I dropped down into the ranks of just obese I was relieved. It was good news. Now onward to my healthy weight. If I can help you at all let me know and please keep in touch and let me know your progress I’m out here rooting for you hoping you are successful! E


  4. I empathize, I too was shocked when I realised I was morbidy obese. I’m still there and I’ve just started on my journey… Here’s to hoping we both make it :)Rebecca xx


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