…is that a pug snoring?

Here is a post from home, I was stuck there with nothing but my idle mind. I uplaoded the wrong video so the begining and end are rough … but you do get a glimps of 12 year old Rosie, one of my three pugs taking a nap. ( like she does anything else)


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  1. Posted by Jill on November 1, 2010 at 8:16 pm

    Great post (again!). I really like the idea of thinking of your small meals as an opportunity to do something nice for yourself. And, I was reflecting on your message about blowing it, messing up, etc. because I was feeling a bit that way this weekend…I gave in to the bag of BBQ potato chips that were incessantly calling my name. But it wasn’t the whole bag–just several handfuls. What I have noticed is my body DOES do a better job of telling me what it needs, and ironically, it hasn’t been sugar and sweets. I generally crave “real” food, not snacks, which presents other problems. But I don’t find myself filling up on junk. Baby steps, right?


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