Same Old…Same Old

I can’t belive a month has gone by since my last post. Time flies when you are not paying attention and losing focus can derail your progress. Time to dig in the heals, I’ve got a two month clock that just started counting down, I’m going to a professional conference in June and I want to show off the new me!


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  1. You already are looking like a new man…Keep up the good work! Morgan


  2. Posted by Seana on March 29, 2011 at 7:30 pm

    Hi Eric – It is very easy to slip back into the old ways – I know I have done that some also but have been able to pul myself out and back on track pretty easily. I have been walking more in the evenings and even doing some water excercise at the pool. You might want to try and excercise if your up late, go out for a walk after the boys are down or use the technology you have available to work out – like WiFit, videos or dvd’s – I have a friend who loves ZUMBA – that’s something your wife might like too. Keep drinking lots of liquids too, make a protien smoothy before bed with your protien powder, fage greek yogurt ( coconut milk (So Delicious) or almond milk (Almond Breeze)(use unsweetened) and some frozen fruit. I find it yummy and very satisfying and it keeps my metabolism working through the night. I also have bought some of the foods Swedish has at Weight Loss Services to keep on hand since they are quick and easy and high in protien – love the Ostrim Jerky and Sloppy Joe mix. Give them a try you will like them. You are doing great – keep at it and stay focused. Don’t forget to listen to your body and eat your small meal when it tells you to.


    • I know!!! but just putting it out ther into our universe gave me a burst of motivation…I hope it did the same for others!


      • And I love your suggestions- the protien shake made with soy milk as a before bedtime snack is a god send! Funny you should mention DVD’s I’ve had my eye on a video exersize program I’ve seen on TV. It is spendy and I was nervous that I would spend that cash and not use the program and used that as an excuse to not get started on anything.
        Recently I went to the Goodwill and for 5 bucks found a well known fitness guru’s workout dvd’s. It was a great entry level way to start moving without the excuse of the expense of a costly gym membership or dvd fitness system.

  3. Eric. I’m stuck, too. Stuck at 185 – slipping into my old habits as well. Eating after dinner. Snacking. Let’s work together on this journey. My goal is to get back down to 170. Can we do it!? Let’s go…!!!!


    • Who’s inspiring who!? The truth is we are all in it together thank you Aaron, no doubt, WE CAN DO IT! Today back on track !! It is meatless Monday in the cafeteria today , I’m going to have a Lentil – Veggie Wrap for lunch!!


  4. Posted by Seana on April 25, 2011 at 10:40 pm

    Eric – how are things going? Hope all is well.


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